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KFC India Coupons & Discount Codes

About KFC

The lip smacking’ KFC food, snacks and beverages are the first choice of diner’s worldwide. We have here the KFC coupons and discount codes that help you buy the delicious KFC food offerings, at pocket-friendly costs. KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the largest food chains in the world. It has the fried chicken dishes as its specialty. The headquarters of the company is located in Louisville. Kentucky, USA. The company has restaurant outlets in more than 123 countries, at 20,000 global locations. The company is owned by Yum! Brands, the leading international restaurant company, which also owns food restaurant chains including Taco Bells and Pizza Hut.

The now worldwide popular chain started as a fried chicken selling roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky, USA. The founder of the company is Harland Sanders, whose image is still found on all KFC advertising logos and emblems. KFC’s original product is the pressured fried chicken, which is seasoned with around 11 spices and herbs. The recipe is a trade secret! Apart from its restaurants, KFC also operates the convenience stores, filling stations, theme parks and other instruments, and uses other ways of serving where a full-fledged restaurant would not be  possible. KFC’s each outlet gets around 250 orders each day. The average sales figures for each outlet/unit stood at $1.2, million in the year 2013. The worldwide popular restaurant chain had sales of Rs. 23 billion in the year 2013, and the sales figures and outlets of the company are always increasing. There are 350 KFC outlets in India today.

Special food offerings

The KFC menu well adapts to the Indian tastes and aspirations, the company has specially created the Fried Grilled Chicken Buckets and the Hot & Crispy Chicken and Fiery Grilled bucket options for the urban Indians. Other “India only” KFC food offerings include the Rice Bowtz, Chicken Zinger Burger, a range of KFC exclusive shakes (called as Krushers), and the 5-in-1 meal boxes for the office going or working Indians. KFC has mouth watering vegetarian dishes as well, which are specially made for Indian who prefer vegetarian foods. These include the wraps, rice meals and the side dishes, among others. The chicken offerings at KFC include chicken drumsticks, breasts, and other chicken food items. The food packages include the Hot & Crispy, Fiery Grilled, Dips Bucket, Mingles Bucket and the Fiery Grilled buckets. This food range is available within the price value of Rs 139 to Rs 599, which is quite affordable. You can also use the coupons n available here, and enjoy great discounts on all these meal buckets.

KFC also has a range of Burgers on offer as well, including the Chicken, Paneer (cheese), and Potato burgers. The meals include the 5-in-1 Zinger boxes, the Potato Burgers, the Chicken Rocking’ Meal, the Paneer Burger, the Chicken Zinger Burger, and the Chicken Rock Box  Duo. You also get your favourite Pepsi soft drink as well, with a number of these meal buckets. Rice is one of the favourite staples in India, and KFC has some very delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian rice combos. The 5-in-1 Rice Box has rice, gravy, chicken drumsticks, wings and a Pepsi. The Veg Rice Bowl meal has exotic rice, flavoured gravy, and veg strip toppings.

Other rice recipes offered by KFC include the Chicken Rice Bowl, the Grilled Rice Bowl, the Veg Rice bowl & Pepsi meal, and the Chicken Rice Bowl and Pepsi meal. You can also buy the best of vegetarian and non vegetarian Snacks as well at KFC. It is for those who wish to have a lighter yet delicious munch. The snacks section includes the Large Chicken Popcorns, Potato Crisper, Chicken Smackers, the Hot& Crispy Chicken Drumstick, the 1 PC Fiery Grilled Chicken, the 6 PC Veg Strips, the Hot Wings, the Boneless Strips, and other KFC originals. KFC also offers you nutritious beverages and soft drinks, so that you can always stay hydrated, while also enjoying the freshest and tastiest of drinks on earth. The beverages offered at KFC include the Strawberry Storm, Alphonso Burst, Chocó peanut Bolt, Chocó Lash, and the aerated drinks, including Mirinda, 7-UP, and Pepsi. KFC has an exclusive “Offers” section on the website.

You can buy the best of KFC meal packs, snacks, and other offerings here at low costs. So whether you are at your office or home, the KFC food comes to you at your doorsteps, in its hot and delicious form, at low costs. You can pay for the food easily, online itself. KFC’s online website supports different kinds of Credit and Debit Card payments. There is also the COD or Cash on Delivery option. The KFC payment gateways use SSL encryption technology, and hence all payments and financial information is today secure from online hacks and frauds. The product delivery is fast and expeditious.

You will get your food delivered to you in the least of time, when you shop at the KFC website. The KFC chicken and other food is only bought from trusted suppliers (including Godrej and Venky’s among others), who follow the international safety norms. Only 100 % whole muscle chicken is used in the dishes. All the food is cooked fresh before serving The preparation environment is temperature controlled, so that it is always hygienic and safe. The KFC food is NABI and ISO 17025 standards certified. The food served at KFC undergoes 34 quality checks, before it gets served to you. The highly nutritious KFC food is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. You can easily order the KFC food online, at the website of the company. Just enter your personal details and you are ready to go, the KFC online food ordering facility is available in all major Indian cities and metropolitan areas of India.

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The KFC coupons and discount codes available here provide for a very budget-friendly purchase when you shop at the restaurant online. The coupons have a range of offers for you, including the 15% off on Rs 450 orders, 4% off on the super sixes offer, 2 pieces of the Hot & Crispy/Fiery Grilled meal pack at just Rs 99 offer, and the 12 piece of Boneless strips at just Rs 300 offer, among others. The coupons here are updated frequently, so that you can always access the best of KFC offers. The coupons on display here are active for a given time period only, so hurry!

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